In the era of physical distancing, PTA is redefining the space experiential!

Published date 01 June 2020

Les Productions Têtes d’Affiche (PTA) is once again innovating by developing a new event design concept called with 2M SPACE! 2M SPACE is an event and experiential design initiative developed to minimize proximity between people while maximizing efficiency, engagement and enjoyment. This social-distancing event and experience concept that adapts both inside and outside, ensuring that the public can make great use of public places in a safe and innovative way.


Because people need will always need beauty, we’re redefining the concept of space!

2M SPACE can take the form of:
– an interactive route offering a fun, informative atmosphere combined with content that engages and entertains the public;
– a welcoming setting enhanced by atmospheric elements, like plants and comfy furniture adapted to each target clientele;
– a truly unique exhibition for showcasing the talent and passion of artists and craftspeople from right here at home.

2M SPACE offers events that comply with health measures, hence the name 2M for, among other things, the 2-metre distancing. 2M SPACE is an initiative created by PTA in collaboration with MY SMART JOURNEY.

Questions? Need a quote? Ready to entrust us with an advisory role to help design your 2M SPACE?  We invite you to contact us.


PTA has also developed a unique, 2M VIRTUAL EVENT service—a creative approach and innovative business solution that ensures the conception, creation and management of virtual conferences, webinars, networking events, product launches, exhibitions, fairs and more… all in a new virtual or traditional setting. For more information on our expertise in 2M VIRTUAL EVENTS>>