A professional Event organization and management team

Accompanying you with diligence… It’s in our DNA!

The professionalism of our team at  Les Productions Têtes d’Affiche (PTA) is a pillar of our brand, a mark of distinction recognized by our clients for over 30 years. We’re proud of the fact that our agency is known for the quality of its client-focussed approach, a key contributor to the success of many large-scale events and experiences over the years. Just speak to any of our clients!

PTA is much more than an event organization and management agency, it’s also a team of seasoned professionals who take every project to heart. Accompanying you with diligence throughout every step of your project, from ideation through to completion, is in our DNA; it motivates us to be our very best.

Creativity  – Agility – Listening – Eco-responsibility

Each of these central values is key to the members of our team, a group of diverse professionals, each with individual talents that come together to ensure the success of your event.

Built upon these values is our ability to understand the needs and issues of our clients, our open-mindedness, our drive for innovation, our attention to detail, our high quality standards and above all, our commitment to accompanying you every step of the way. Over the years, that approach has helped us build a sterling reputation backed by the support of a vast network of suppliers and partners who are worthy of our name… and of your trust!


Working for you and with you… Our commitment!


The team

Serge Gauthier Producteur
Marie-Eve Bourassa Productrice associée et directrice de création
José Tétrault Administration
Natalie Gay Directrice des affaires et partenariats
Josée Gravel Chargée de projets
Charelle Presseault-Bourdon Coordonnatrice aux événements
Frédéric Moreau Coordonnateur aux événements