Event and experience marketing and communications

Big or small, no matter what the size of the event or experience you’d like to organize, Les Productions Têtes d’Affiche (PTA) can support you in the development of the best marketing and communications strategies for the success of your event or experience.


Event and experience marketing: Essential to success!

For us at PTA, creating unforgettable events and experiences is a real passion, so we take particular care in developing the groundwork with engaging marketing and communications plans. Whether you want to bolster awareness of your organization, create an event to help your brand shine, to launch a company, product or service, our agency is here to  develop a compelling, relevant, innovative marketing plan for your event or experience, regardless of whether you want to:

  • Generate traffic or stimulate the purchase of your product;
  • Reinforce awareness or attractiveness of your company, brand or product;
  • Create added value for your commercialization approach;
  • Increase awareness of or reinforce attachment to your company or brand.

When it comes to experience marketing, we like to take a unique, audacious approach. The goal, of course, is to generate total engagement with your company or brand, and to solidify the link with consumers to favour inquiry or purchase. But the secret is all in how you do that. Our approach is to create highly distinctive events, that resonate with the trends, lifestyles and aspirations of your target audiences, while remaining true to your brand. Our team of professionals at PTA is also on hand to help you develop a marketing and communications plan for your event, one that stands out just as clearly as the event itself.

Depending on the strategy adopted, and depending on whether you’re holding a  corporate event, a public event, a virtual event, a 2M space (with physical distancing) or a pop-up space (pop-up happening), our team of professionals will first analyse every aspect of an effective marketing plan: context, issues and challenges, positioning objectives (including time and budgetary constraints), target audience and key performance indicators.

Event communications: a powerful tool

PTA can also help you develop a powerful communications plan for your event,  one that includes sponsorship plans if you so desire. Our approach and our understanding of partner needs and sponsorship challenges helps us ensure that every step of the way, your needs and expectations, as well as those of your partners, will be kept clearly in focus.

Our marketing and communications services for events and experiences

  • Strategic marketing: analysis of context, trends, strengths and weaknesses, opportunities and limits, issues and challenges, objectives, target audience, conditions for success and risk factors.
  • Feasibility and traffic studies.
  • Development and launch of event communications plans.
  • Development of visibility, sponsorship and partnership plans.
  • Creation and production of promotional tools (graphic design, printing, promo videos, invitations… ).
  • Copywriting, revision and translation.
  • Management of sponsorships and public financing.
  • Strategic planning and roll-out (brand activation – branding – sampling).
  • Advertising and promotion.
  • Press relations and public relations.
  • Strategic and budget planning.
  • Strategic planning of social media.
  • Follow-up on media coverage and objectives.

Our areas of expertise

Over the years, PTA has developed a wealth of expertise in event and experience organization and management. Our expertise is sought after for a wide range of events and experiences:


If you have any questions, would like us to prepare an estimate or you’re ready to entrust the planning and organization of your next event to us, don’t hesitate to contact us!