NEW: 2M Virtual Events with physical distancing

PTA’s 2M Virtual Events have all the impact of in-person events!

True to its mission of leading the way in Event Creation and Management, Les Productions Têtes d’Affiche (PTA) has developed an all-new service for companies and organizations: 2M Virtual Events!  

A shift has occurred. One the world has never seen before and now, more than ever, organizations are forced to rethink the way they imagine and manage their events. The only way to stay ahead of the pack is to innovate. So, to help organizations through this time of unprecedented change, PTA has developed an approach and a plan focussed on virtual events. 

A creative approach. An innovative business solution!

PTA’s 2M Virtual Event Service offers you a variety of options and creative approaches, that ensure physical distancing, to help you organize virtual conferences, webinars, networking events, product launches, exhibitions, fairs and more… all in a completely new or conventional setting.

In concrete terms, PTA gives you the possibility of broadcasting an interactive virtual event to your various audiences while complying with all health and safety measures currently in place. Hence the name 2m, indicating the two of meters distance we’ve all been asked to respect.

Our support is provided in a number of key areas:

  • Identification of approach objectives.
  • Development of communications strategy and action plan.
  • Definition of virtual approach and tactics.
  • Development of a visual concept (staging, branded corporate décor, etc.).
  • Creation of all visual and/or infographic content and development of scripts.
  • Visual integration of partners and sponsors.
  • Management of the digital platform and participant interaction, including management of social networks.
  • Management of registration, monitoring and content archiving.
  • Professional entertainment services.
  • Corporate website and visual support.
  • Complete, highly secure technical teams.
  • Evaluation and analysis of post-event results.


Creating a 2M Virtual Event is also a unique value-added opportunity, offering a variety of new possibilities to:

  • Target your audiences anywhere at any time.
  • Increase your target market base and invite as many people as you want.
  • Present events rich in content at low cost.
  • Benefit from a post-event broadcast and a greater longevity of your content.
  • Provide a safe environment for participants.

PTA makes a real difference to the way you reach your audiences with 2M Virtual Events!

If you have any questions, would like us to prepare an estimate or you’re ready to entrust the planning and organization of your next event to us, don’t hesitate to contact us!