Consulting services for event organization and management

Whether you need to consult with us for a single step in the organization of your event or for a total turn-key package, PTA’s consulting services will help you optimize the decisions you make while providing you with the support you need, backed by decades of experience in event organization and management.

30 years of expertise in event consulting

As an event-consulting agency, we go far beyond simple planning. For more than 30 years, PTA has been a close business partner, accompanying clients with our highly specialized consulting services. Depending on the time and budget available, PTA will give you the recommendations you need to ensure success. Our goal is simple: to support you in the planning, organization, deployment and management of your event, in keeping with your needs and business goals.

Our consulting services for the management of your event

PTA offers consulting and advisory services for the development of your event marketing strategy, your budget estimates, as well as for your communications, sponsorship and partnership plans. For more information, please visit Event and experience marketing and communications>>

PTA’s consulting and advisory services offer our clients highly effective solutions to achieve their financial and marketing objectives. Whether it’s to help you out with specific, limited needs or for complete out-sourcing, you can count on an experienced team that’s totally open-minded and committed to serving you the way you deserve.

Our event consulting and advisory services also offer you access to a wealth of data to help you find the right site, venue, hall, supplier, sponsor or any other partner you need.




Our areas of expertise

Over the years, PTA has developed a wealth of expertise in event and experience organization and management. Our expertise is sought after for a wide range of events and experiences:


If you have any questions, would like us to prepare an estimate or you’re ready to entrust the planning and organization of your next event to us, don’t hesitate to contact us!