Our areas of expertise in events and experiences

Over the course of the past 30 years, Les Productions Têtes d’Affiche (PTA) has developed a wealth of expertise in the planning, development and management of corporate events, public events, 2M Virtual events, 2M Spaces (with physical distancing) and pop-up happenings. Our expertise in these areas is backed by a team of highly creative professionals, dedicated to creating unforgettable events that are rich in meaning and true to your brand, featuring remarkable innovation and the highest quality scenic design and deployment.

Distinguishing yourself with confidence!

Above and beyond the management of event logistics, PTA pays particular attention to your brand and to your objectives. Our number one goal is to create a truly exceptional event or experience that stands head and shoulders above traditional events, creating added value and a return on investment for your organization, your brand, your sponsors and your partners. You can count on the expertise of our agency to guide you ably from beginning to end, carried out according to the best practices in event planning, organization and management.

Corporate events

Over the years, PTA has developed distinct expertise in the planning, organization and management of turn-key corporate events. Managing a corporate event from beginning to end—while ensuring total respect for business strategies and objectives, be it for networking, mobilization, recognition an awards show, or simply to celebrate an event or thank your teams—requires immense skill and experience.

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Public events

At the heart of every event, two worlds come together: your audience and your organization. That meeting point has to perfectly reflect the message you’re trying to communicate while meeting the expectations of your audience. There’s a lot to consider.

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2M Virtual Events

True to its mission of leading the way in Event Creation and Management, Les Productions Têtes d’Affiche (PTA) has developed an all-new service for companies and organizations: 2M Virtual Events! A shift has occurred. One the world has never seen before and now, more than ever, organizations are forced to rethink the way they imagine and manage their events. The only way to stay ahead of the pack is to innovate. PTA’s 2M Virtual Events have all the impact of in-person events!

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2M Spaces

2M SPACE is an event and experiential design initiative developed to minimize proximity between people while maximizing efficiency, engagement and enjoyment. A social-distancing event and experience concept that adapts both inside and outside, ensuring that the public can make great use of public places in a safe and innovative way. In the era of physical distancing, PTA is redefining the space experiential!

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Pop-up happenings

PTA loves developing ideas and storylines for pop-up happenings. Whether it takes place in a commercial space, a public place, a neighbourhood or any other out-of-the-way setting, creating a pop-up happening is all about creating an area conducive to your message and your goals.

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Standing out with confidence is also a question of expertise!

Our recent event realizations

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