Event services – Organization of private or public events

Between the original idea and the moment the curtain is raised on your event, there are a vast number of details that have to be carefully planned and executed to generate the WOW your event deserves. Each and every service offered by Les Productions Têtes d’Affiche (PTA) encompasses precise actions that all lead, one after the other, in a carefully planned sequence, to the success of your event. Whether you need us for a single step along the way, for a turn-key event where we handle everything, or you’d like to outsource us for the planning or management of your event or experience, PTA has the services you need to succeed.

Event and experience marketing and communications

Big or small, no matter what the size of the event or experience you’d like to organize, PTA can help you develop the best marketing and communications strategies to ensure success.

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Ideation, conception and realization of events and experiences

No matter what type of event or experience you need, PTA has the creativity needed to generate the right ideas and to ensure they capture the essence of your brand personality and culture, while achieving your specific goals…

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Event organization and event logisitics

Event organization and event logistics require precision action plans that take every detail into consideration. That planning is one of the things we do best at PTA In fact, we’ve developed particular expertise in this particular area because it’s so crucial to ensuring the proper management, maximum efficiency and rigor needed to for the success of your event

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Consulting services for event organization and management

Whether you need to consult with us for a single step in the organization of your event or for a total turn-key package, PTA’s consulting services will help you optimize the decisions you make while providing you with the support you need, backed by decades of experience in event organization and management…

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360o event management business solutions

Our 360° event management business solutions was created to free you totally, by taking total responsibility for every step in the organization of your event. With this service, you’ll enjoy a highly qualified team, dedicated to optimizing the strategic planning of your event. For many years now, PTA has taken a lead role in the development of the over-arching strategic plan for the Great-Hall in Complexe Desjardins…

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An event is the ultimate step in a vision,
one that’s preceded by a long, careful path planned out in every detail.

Our areas of event and experience expertise

Our areas of expertise in event and experience planning and management are all backed by our solid team and have enabled Les Productions Têtes d’Affiche (PTA) to ensure the success of numerous realizations of which we’re extremely proud. Whether it’s for a corporate event, a public event, a virtual event, a 2M space (with physical distancing) or for the creation of a pop-up space, the proper management of each project, in keeping with budgets and deadlines, coupled with outstanding human resources management, have all been keys to our success over the years and have helped us build our reputation.

Please see the following sections for more information on our areas of expertise, depending on the type of event or experience you’d like to hold.


If you have any questions, would like us to prepare an estimate or you’re ready to entrust the planning and organization of your next event to us, don’t hesitate to contact us!